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Epson Artisan 810 Error

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Epson Artisan 810 Error by BriansEpson (edited 7/9/10 4:13 PM) reply + / -
I have a brand new Epson Artisan 810. I had trouble with the set up disk on my (XP) PC, it acted like the disk was blank, so I had to download everything from the website. The disk worked fine on my (vista) laptop though. I finally got up and running 2 nights ago; I could print from both computers wirelessly. I did several pages and it worked fine. This morning before work I tried to print something from my laptop but it wouldn't print. The wireless icon suggested the wireless was working fine so I opened "Printers" and clicked on the print job that was in queue and it said error printing with no other explanation, I tried restarting the print job, canceling it and redoing the whole operation but it did not help. I then went to my PC and tried to do the same things and got the same error. Can someone give me some ideas of things to check? Nothing was changed between last night and this morning so I don't understand why it would suddenly not work. Thanks for your help in advance. Brian

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