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Brother MFC-5460CN problem w/color printing

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Brother MFC-5460CN problem w/color printing by Ayala (7/5/10 1:29 AM) reply + / -
My printer is not printing in color anymore.
All the ink cartridges are full & I have tried cleaning the ptint heads but printer is only printing in black & blue

Re: Brother MFC-5460CN problem w/color printing by michelsmith (7/5/10 8:31 PM) reply+1 + / -
If you're having trouble with the color images printed by your Brother printer, the printer can be set to self-cleaning mode to clean the print head nozzle, and the problem should be resolved.
Find the "Ink" key on your Brother printer. This key also may be labeled "Ink/Reports," "Ink Management/Reports" or "Ink Management." Press the key to bring up the menu on the LCD display.
Select the "Cleaning" option by using the up and down navigation key. Press "Menu/Set."
Find the color on the displayed list that's not printing on your Brother printer by using the navigation key. If more than one color isn't printing, select the "All" option. Press "Menu/Set."
Wait for the printer to complete the cleaning cycle, which involves cleaning the print head nozzle. During this time, the LCD will display the words "Cleaning" and "Please Wait." The date and time will return to the LCD display when the printer is done cleaning.
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Brother MFC-5460CN problem w/color printing by doughoil (2/14/13 12:14 PM) reply + / -
This unit sat for about 2 years until another printer recently quit. Now this unit prints poor black, almost no yellow and pretty good cyan and magenta. I have run the cleaning cycle many times with little improvement. I recall reading somewhere that I should clean the print heads with rubbing alcohol, but I don't know where that is or the right procedure.
any recommendations?

Re: Brother MFC-5460CN problem w/color printing by CustomerRelations (3/26/13 11:38 AM) reply + / -
Our Brother Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist you with resolving your problem. Please contact Brother Customer Service at: 1-877-276-8437 between 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM (EST)

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