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canon error code 5010

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canon error code 5010 by grncoup (11/30/09 8:36 AM) reply + / -
i have a canon mp600 that gets error code b200 and then quickly changes to error code 5010. what does this mean and how can i fix it?

Re: canon error code 5010 by dickymint (5/11/10 5:23 PM) reply-1 + / -
I have an MP600 which returns error code 5010 at power on + green & orange lights flashing alterately. Nothing works!! The carriage appears to run freely as though it's not connected to anything. HELP!!Please

Re: canon error code 5010 by D Danko (9/3/10 7:57 PM) reply+1 + / -
My printer printed one page but when I went to print again I got the message "error 5010". What can I do to fix it. I don't have the manual at this time.

Re: canon error code 5010 by deepspringer (1/24/11 3:32 PM) reply + / -
Posted in French by kluskiman on dated 4/2/10 and translated into English via Free Translation website


In my case it was on the right hand side that there was a problem with the wiring.

Therefore, I disassembled the left part of the printer - 3 screws, 1 hiding by the gray plastic mask and the two others in the back. Need to force a bit with a small screwdriver so that the lateral part breaks loose, but being careful not to damage anything.

Here I saw above to the left a heap of wires, and I had one of it which was cut off. The wires go from the heart of the printer to the hood of the scanner and while opening it (to change ink cartridges for instance) that forced some of these tiny cables to bend and break. Therefore repair the broken wire by stripping and twisting them back together and wrapping them in insulating tape and put the cable bundle back in place.

Then close the scanner hood again, replace the screws and the printer is as good as new - saving the cost of sending it to the workshop which must cost about as much as the price of the printer.

Re: Re: canon error code 5010 by dickymint (edited 1/26/11 8:23 AM) reply + / -
deepspringer. Thanks for that info. Did not work for me but again thank you for taking the trouble to reply.

Re: canon error code 5010 by jonton (edited 12/17/12 9:16 AM) reply + / -
I can't tell about the error 5010, but Error 200 is common in canon machines, see details here:

Re: canon error code 5010 by Glad4Trad (1/21/14 1:48 AM) reply + / -
Hello, grncoup

Just seen your message about error codes (b200 then 5010) on MP600 - from 2009! I wonder if you can tell me how you fixed the problem, and this has just happened to me. Thanks.

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