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Fixing E8 Canon MP145 and Re-Use Empty Catridges

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Fixing E8 Canon MP145 and Re-Use Empty Catridges by MagorokuKai (1/31/09 4:14 PM) reply + / -
I will share how to fix Error message E8/E=8 on printer Canon MP145, E8 appear because the waste ink tank is full. you can ignore this message for a while but not permanent. when the message appear Press 1 Copy color button. When the printer turn it off and turn it on the message will appear again.

Re-use, don't take out your empty cartridges (CL-41/PG-40/PG-830/CL-831) you know they tell us using hot water :) really funny but usefull
Other thing that I can see from in download page, there is just updated for tools/software/adjustment for canon and epson printer.

Maybe it will save us from to pay service :)

Re: Fixing E8 Canon MP145 and Re-Use Empty Catridges by jackprinter (6/14/10 4:54 PM) reply + / -
This is complete instruction to Fix Error E27, Error E8 Printer Canon MP145 i have tested and worked!

there is many posts about it but not all of the post tested by the publisher, i have tested this one and really worked.

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