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how to reset Canon Pixma MP600 ?

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how to reset Canon Pixma MP600 ? by xan yan (1/19/07 3:37 AM) reply+2 + / -
I have a Canon Pixma MP600, and I search to reset it, to be able to use refil cartridge, can anybody help me, by explaining me how, step by step?

thanks! :)

Re: how to reset Canon Pixma MP600 ? error 5100 by kenfixyourprint (11/23/07 2:35 PM) reply + / -
I am having the same problem with my Canon Pixma MP600. Can anyone help?

Re: how to reset Canon Pixma MP600 ? error 5100 by kenfixyourprint (11/23/07 2:43 PM) reply + / -
I am having the same problem with my Canon Pixma MP600. Can anyone help?

Re: how to reset Canon Pixma MP600 ? by Bill Kunert (11/23/07 8:15 PM) reply + / -
After the printer decides the cartridge is empty it will start giving you warnings. Eventually it will give you a message to press the Stop/Reset switch for approx. 5 seconds to disable ink level monitoring on the empty cartridge. Ink level monitoring will be re enabled if a new OEM Canon cartridge is installed. There is no way to reset the chip on the cartridge unless you purchase a $700+ resetter. Refilled, reset OEM cartridges are available in the US from Atlantic Inkjet for about half the cost of a new cartridge.

Re: how to reset Canon Pixma MP600 ? by kenfixyourprint (11/23/07 10:23 PM) reply + / -
Thanks Bill, that will set my mind at ease. The 2 color cartridges I replaced are working but as you say, it still warns about the ink level. The error 5100 no longer displays after I unpluged the printer for a long interval. The first color cartridge I installed, did not let me get this far, so I wound up having to buy one. I hope these continue to work.

Message from printer: error while printing by cpotter1021 (12/26/07 9:49 PM) reply + / -
I have rebooted the MP600, downloaded the latest driver (wouldn't install because of some error), and successfully printed test pages to make sure the print heads are printing correctly. What is going on with our new Pixma MP600? We haven't had very long. The only thing it says when we print a .png file is "error while printing". What is the error?

DEAD Canon Pixma MP600 ? by larrysmith (8/9/08 7:13 AM) reply + / -
Help please, this machine whent to repair for a broken cartridge contact, when recieved ( bearing in mind we aare in the bush) the printer was dead. I did some sniffing around and it seems that the power supply is not getting a startup signal from the motherboard, any suggestions

best regards


Re: how to reset Canon Pixma MP600 ? by wheelchairjoe (12/7/08 8:08 PM) reply + / -
I Repaced The Cartriges Three Times.
My Canon Pixma MP 600 Error Reads
There Are Two Ink Tanks The Same Corlor.
There Not You Can See what Color It Is
Very Clearly.I Hope I Don't Have To Buy
A New Printer.WhatCan I Do About This?

Joe Stasko.

Re: how to reset Canon Pixma MP600 ? by gen (7/1/09 9:26 PM) reply + / -
how am I going to reset my Canon PIXMA MP600 it keeps on error5100. Pls help me.

Re: how to reset Canon Pixma MP600 ? by Anonymous (11/22/09 8:57 AM) reply + / -
I put in the original print heads and ink tanks but the printer still says incorrect print head installed. please install correct print head. Any ideas?

Canon Pixma MP600 Cartridge Light? by Trailryder316 (5/10/10 8:53 AM) reply+1 + / -
Printer had been working fine, but recently, will not recognize the yellow (cyan?) cartridge. When I fire up the printer, I get the "cannot recognize cartridge" notice.
I open the top, wait for the cartridge carrier to center and see that the red light on the yellow cart. is out. I remove and replace the same cart. The light then comes on. I close the top and within a few seconds after trying to recycle for use, I get the same notice and once again, the red light on that cart is out.
I removed and replaced with another color cartridge in the carrier (swapped positions), and still get the same notice and same light out.
I wiped chip on cartridge and area in printer that reads the chip with an alcohol swab. Nothing works.
Can anyone help?


Re: My text is missing in by mirage1 (12/15/10 4:05 AM) reply + / -
Some of the text on my print outs is missing. It's not uniform ie: top and bottom half of words or anything like that, a few words are ok then the next few have loads of lines through them (as if the ink has ran out)then the next line even less, next line a few words ok (but not in th same position as the line before)and then sparse print etc...
I have been using carts refilled by 'Cartridge World' for at least a year and it's been fine(my machine is about 2Żyrs old). However, this week the printer told me that 2 of the colours and the small black was empty. I took them out but didn't get to shop to refil them until a couple of days later. However, to print something out that I was desperate for I did an overide, by holding down the cancel button for 10secs When I put the new/refilled carts in it would not recognise cian/yellow and after a few attempts of putting it in and out then one of the blacks was not being recognised! Got carts replaced and they are recognised but the print outs are still awful!
Have I damaged something by overiding? is it that the ink may have dried up in the heads because I left them without carts in for a day?
I'm now doing a printer head clean just in case there is dried up ink in there.
Any suggestions or help would be appreciated as I cannot afford to take it to the doctors!! Thanks

No Subject by theo90 (8/19/11 8:13 AM) reply + / -
hy all...
i have some trouble with my canon mp600...
my printer doesn't work...
when i push on/off button...
in screen have some word, the word is "system required"...
i don't know and i don't understand what's that mean...
please help me to repair my printer,
because i must work tonight...

Re: how to reset Canon Pixma MP600 ? by bethsheeba4 (3/11/12 12:33 PM) reply + / -
help my printer has pooped out error B200 and then quickly 5010

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