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waste ink counter reset MP150

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waste ink counter reset MP150 by MRT (12/28/06 3:35 AM) reply+1 + / -
Help Me Pls

How to reset waste ink full for Canon MP150 ?

thank you

Re: waste ink counter reset MP150 by Tracye Hughes-Carson (3/25/07 3:01 PM) reply + / -
The message of Waste Ink Absorber is full please contact service center. Could I not replace it myself and where are they available? And how do you replace it.

Re: waste ink counter reset MP150 by hpwizard (3/26/07 5:35 AM) reply + / -
You could search the forum like I did & you will find several posts on how to reset. Below is a link to thread which has the procedure.

Dazz UK

Re: waste ink counter reset MP150 by Anonymous (12/12/08 10:50 PM) reply + / -

I hope is not too late.
I found a working solution for your problem. It was my problem too, long-long time ago. At last, here is the solution!
The solution working fine, use METHOD 1!!!

please go here for the details:

(sorry, my bad english)
garasz from Hungary.

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