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epson stylus photo r340 stopped printing

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epson stylus photo r340 stopped printing by wind (2/20/06 2:58 PM) reply + / -
My new printer was printing fine - then next time I went to use it it said;
pstopdffilter_stopped unexpectedly with status 1.
the screen also says the printer has stopped printing. I have tried every logical solution
and have not yet heard from esposn techs. anyone know what his error message means and how to resolve it/

Re: epson stylus photo r340 stopped printing by John Eric Requesto (3/3/06 2:19 AM) reply + / -
if youre having that kind trouble with your printer youre one of the many people having the same kind of problem.
its because that epson printers have an internal counter, they do that for some reasons like when your inks pads needs some cleaning.
You only have to reset your internal ink counter.
heres what your going to do.
go to
then download the ssc service utility software.
use the software with your printer connected on your pc.
Good luck!

Re: epson stylus photo r340 stopped printing by cian (7/5/06 1:39 AM) reply + / -
Please read the subject before posting a reply you just copied from elsewhere. SSC can't reset ink on a r340

Re: epson stylus photo r340 stopped printing by Anonymous (7/5/06 2:28 AM) reply + / -
If it was a maintenance request error they would get the "parts inside your machine have reached the end of their life" type of message. The error they have would be more of a driver issue.

Re: epson stylus photo r340 stopped printing by martinrosa (3/7/07 4:12 PM) reply + / -
como resetear impresoras r 340
el ssc service no tra para eso

Re: Re: epson stylus photo r340 stopped printing by Anonymous (3/31/08 11:02 AM) reply + / -
Thank you. I was one of those many people that had the internal counter that just stop everything. (I need to let you know that I am a user... I do not pop the hood on my computer or pinter. I look to you guys that know so much more for help.) I downloaded the ssc file like you said and took the time to "follow the directions". It work wonderful on my Epson R340. I had my printer on during the down load. After download you pick your Pinter the Epson R340 in the first drop down window under configure. I than close the window. I look for a new icon that showed up on the lower icon bar at the bottom right of my deck top. Use your right mouse key while arrow over your new Pinter icon to bring up working window. New window pops up to reset your internal counter. It was not until I turn off the Pinter and back on again that I was able to print once again. Hope this help.
What I need to do now is clean my ink pads. How dose anyone know how to go about removing them and cleaning?

Re: epson stylus photo r340 stopped printing by billy mac (4/29/11 7:59 AM) reply + / -
printer was working fine and then stoped printing,said insert memory card,opened door and there was no card inside.What must I do to fix this problem?

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