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HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems

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HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by Terry (2/20/05 4:40 PM) reply + / -
I know this has been addressed in the past, however...
I have been using HP Premium glossy photo paper for a couple of years. No problems. I tried using Premium Plus, and it won't feed properly. It starts printing before the paper is registered correctly and sprays ink inside the printer until the paper gets there, about an inch too late. Now I'm having the same problem with paper that used to work correctly.
I ordered a can of Rubber Roller Rejuvenator and cleaned the rear feed rollers. No improvement. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do next?

Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by Bert (2/20/05 5:35 PM) reply + / -
Remove the rear access door and clean the feed rollers with a damp cloth. If that fails, the only recourse is to manually feed the paper through the rear. This allows the paper to feed without having to wrap around the rollers. The driver options will have to be set accordingly. Check your users manual for the details.

Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by Terry (2/21/05 9:32 PM) reply + / -
That was a disappointing response. In the original post I indicated that I already cleaned the rollers. Also, I can't get the manual rear feed to work correctly even though I specify manual feed in the setup. Am I missing something?

Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by MickyBoy (3/10/05 12:14 PM) reply + / -
I'm having exactly the same problem with photo paper feed. I've had my printer for nearly 4 years and not had a problem with printing on any size or type of paper. All of a sudden it won't print on HP glossy 6 x 4 any more. The photo paper sits in the feed-in slot and moves a small way round the roller. Meanwhile the inkjet sprays ink, like you say, all over the inside and then spits out the blank photo paper with a few black marks on it that it picked up from all the ink that's been sprayed around the inside. Any suggestions ?

Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by Bert (3/10/05 1:21 PM) reply + / -
The symptom is typical of dirty feed rollers. The paper feeds far enough to trip the paper sensor but fails to position properly for printing. The printer assumes the paper is where it should be and starts laying down ink.

As I mentioned to (wise guy) Terry, remove the rear access door and clean the feed rollers with a damp cloth. Had he been polite, I would have told him that I had seen an instance where plain water seemed to work better than rubber rejuvenator on a 1220.

Re: Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by Anonymous (3/10/05 1:49 PM) reply + / -
Bert, thanks for the handy tip - it worked for me. I presume the build-up of dust and paper debris just prevents the rollers being able to get any kind of a grip on the paper. Cheers.

Re: Re: Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by Anonymous (3/10/05 2:43 PM) reply + / -
I didn't mean to come across as so difficult. I was trying to indicate that I had already cleaned the rollers as recommended to others with similar problems and the problem didn't go away. I also can't get the rear feed to work correctly and was looking for other suggestions. If using a damp cloth is significantly different than using the rejuvenator, I will give that a try. However, in previous communications it seemed that the damp cloth was the quick and easy alternative and the rejuvenator should be used if a damp cloth did not work. I'll try again. Sorry you think I'm a jerk.

Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by Erick (3/18/05 9:56 PM) reply + / -
My 1220c also suffers from feeding photo paper so I made a trick to fix the problem. Cut a regular paper 2 inches and stick it to the photo paper with a scotch tape on all the border so the printer will roll the regular paper first. Adjust your photo so it won't print on the regular paper and that's it. Sometimes I have to give a little push to the photo paper but it works. The good thing is that if the photo paper doesn't roll, the ink will print on the regular add on paper and not inside the printer. This method is a bit of extra effort but it works!!!

Re: Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by Another Terry (3/22/05 7:49 PM) reply + / -
This printer (when it prints) will give you decent photo output but it is just a b*tch to deal with the paper handling issues. I have felt like tossing it so many times...

My solution ( after much experimentation) to print 13x9 photo glossies is to run a piece of tape across the width of the back of the paper where it begins to feed. this gives the rollers something to grip when it attempts to pull it through. I use the same tape hospitals use to keep bandages to skin. Even when I do this, I still have to apply slight pressure with my hands in order to make it work. Would I buy this printer again?


Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by hate Hp crap (3/31/05 9:05 AM) reply + / -
ive tried the water too. here is the real way to fix the problem. first un install all the software that came with the printer including the drivers. then un-plug it from the cables from the back of the printer. take it out side where the rollers can get some sun shining on them, then throw it hard on the street and let a Mack truck run it over a few times. sweep up the left over parts that should not fit great in the trash and while thinking to your self that was a waist of $500 to Hp, go out and buy an Epson. problem solved.

Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by Bert (3/31/05 10:53 AM) reply + / -
For those of you having trouble feeding a certain type of paper, and can't afford a new printer, or are not distructive, use the manual feed. The driver option has to be selected and the paper then inserted through the slot in the rear of the printer; not the slickest fix but cheap. Check your users manual for details.

Re: Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by Anonymous (3/31/05 11:23 AM) reply + / -
Having the same problem with my printer mate what you wrote made me laugh im might even copy and paste it and send it to HP when i make a complaint about my printer should have got the Epsom

Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by Anonymous (4/25/05 9:13 AM) reply + / -
how do u use self grip hair rollers

Re: Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by hate hp crap (4/26/05 9:25 PM) reply + / -
umm hair rollers?? i must have missed something. i thought this was a post board for umm dumb hp printers. well i did get a new one an epson that will do much better photo prints including nonborder. it reads memory cards, takes all kinds of paper and even made me dinner the other night. umm the only down fall it has is that its not a wide carrage printer but i guessed that as i did not print but maybe one big picture i thought i did not need wide carrage. but it does print on dvds and cds.

Re: HP 1220C won't work after cleaning by Pat Stenzel (5/12/05 7:18 AM) reply + / -
I attempted to clean my HP 1220 of ink that was all over the gears.
I took the printer covers off as I could not get to the areas that were covered in ink very well. I had to rotate the rollers on the gears to do this. I reassembled the case and turned on the printer.
The printer will turn on but immediately turns itself off.
I suspect I did something worong when I turned the rollers, like maybe out of time or sensors not alinging.
Any clues how I could fix-it?

Re: Re: HP 1220C won't work after cleaning by hate hp crap (5/12/05 9:08 AM) reply + / -
well it could be a missed screew that whent through a grounding point and it is not grounded right any more umm likewise i think they might have used like a timming disk or so on it but that should be able to reset its self. so depending on how old it is it might be helpfull if you were to take the printer out in the open air were you have room to work and good sunlight then making sure no one else is around pour gas over it all and set a match to it and run, now dont run to far becaue after it has melted down and fixed your problem and cooled off youll need to take it to a trash can, remeber keep the enviorment clean.

Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by wsmith3 (10/6/05 8:50 AM) reply + / -
I also have the same problems with certain photo papers not feeding properly, I am a certified HP Tech, which doesnt mean much any more unless you work for CoreValas. HP support has gone downhill, took deep dive to the lala land. However they do make a great product. The cost per picture with the HP is much better than the Epson, but the support from HP blows chunks any more. THe support used to be good. Costomer Service as a whole in this country is a lost idea.

Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by moe (10/6/05 9:10 AM) reply + / -
They brought customer service back? I thought they'd moved to India.

Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by jcaldera (1/27/09 2:20 PM) reply + / -
Same problem, have purchased a variety of HP papers, none will work consistently. Problem has come from nowhere! I've cleaned, and re-cleaned. Still no success. I can print one or two sheets then, the printer gets finnicky. The only things with ink on them are my fingers!

Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by Bert (1/27/09 4:56 PM) reply + / -
I suggest trying the rubber rejuvenator available on this site. Apply sparingly and let dry.

Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by phrawg (1/27/09 6:57 PM) reply + / -
The real problem is a design flaw where the rollers on the
edge of the platten guide plate are too small in diameter.
What happens is that paper that is too thick, (over 12-14 mil)
tries to roll under them, the thickness of the paper causes
the center of the paper thickness to be higher than the center
of the roller. The effect is much like a vehicle trying to
jump a high curb. The edge can't get under the roller and it
hangs up just like the vehiche tires cant climb straight up
with the vehicle pushing into the curb. It does work for a
while as the platten when new has a lot of grip. BUT, it
takes very little "polishing" to get it slippery enough to
not force the paper to overcome the roller and push it over
the paper's edge. no real fix unless HP would issue a fix
using a new guide playte with bigger rollers.

Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by jcaldera (1/28/09 8:33 AM) reply + / -
Thanks for the input. We've had the printer for at least 5 years and it's been reliable; however, all we used was inkjet paper. I bought 4 kinds of paper yesterday, all I can print is the plain paper with any consistency.

Thanks again for the help. Looks like it's time for a new printer!

Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by ravkraft (8/7/09 3:00 AM) reply + / -
How do I remove a stuck envelope from inside the HP1220C? Do I have to take the printer to pieces?
Håkon N

Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by Bert (8/7/09 8:28 AM) reply + / -
Remove the paper jam through the rear cleanout door. Make sure that the door is relatched properly or the printer will not turn on.

Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by akmk (7/8/10 8:35 PM) reply + / -
Okay. All HP1220C's have paper feed problems with thicker photo paper. Very frustrating. Have used it for years anyway. But have to fight with it.

Now, the new problem, is the 78+ tri-color cartridges that feed it are frequently faulty. About one out of every 5-10, it seems now, is bad from the get-go.

And customer service these days to get a replacement? A major hassle.

So, anyone know of a replacement printer that will work with OS9 (I need my scanners and Pagemaker) and OSX, do postscript, handle color well, and 13x19 photo paper??

If I could find one, I'd go there.

Still can't beat HP color quality--if you can get the paper through and a good cartridge. (sigh)

Re: HP 1220C Roller(I think) Part out of place by burkea (12/18/10 6:03 PM) reply + / -
I took my HP 1220C apart to replace a resistor. There are 2 identical wire pieces on the left side of the printer in the roller section. They are about 2 inches long and are a strange shape. Of the 2 the one to the left is in place. The one which should be to the right of the other was definitely not where it belonged. Does anyone know or hopefully have a picture of how and where it fits on. Please help. I have to get it back together.

Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by mladen (11/9/11 6:24 AM) reply + / -
maybee can this help

in dialog box click setup and select manual feed in the paper source box. click ok
when the resume light blinks insert media, print side up, into the rear media feed, press the resume button to continue

Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by geezer31 (10/20/12 2:07 PM) reply + / -
I have an HP Photomat C7180 All-In-One printer. HP Premium Plus 4X6 photo paper has worked for years. The new HP Premium Plus photo paper will not feed properly. A salesman in an office store suggested I try Kodak paper. Presto! It works perfectly. Problem solved.

Solution for HP 1220C Paper Feed Problems by MarkHays (12/12/12 3:59 PM) reply + / -
I have an HP 1220C that was sitting in a closet for a couple of years. When I fired it up again to print some large photos, I ran into all of the paper feed problems listed on this post, with standard and photo paper. After some trial and error, here is what worked:

(1) Clean the 'paper pickup' roller: This is the most important step. The pickup roller is responsible for the initial feed of the top sheet in the paper bin. It is not easily accessible, however; you can see it (a flashlight helps) if you look into the paper loading slot on the front side of the printer. One dark gray roller is visible at the top right. I used a clean, damp 'Scotch Brite' kitchen sponge that measures 3.5" x 4" x 1" -- small enough to fit in the paper slot. I inserted it into the paper slot, so that the top edge of the sponge touched the pickup roller, and held onto the outside end. Then I 'printed' a document to the 1220C, which caused the pickup roller to spin, trying to load paper. After a couple of cycles, the 'paper' button lite up, and I pressed it again to repeat the cycle. After a couple of cycles, the roller was clean.

(2) Clean the main paper feed rollers, which are accessible if you turn the dial and open the access door on the rear of the 1220C. 'Print' another document to the 1220C (with no paper in the bin, of course!) and the rollers will spin slowly. Run the damp sponge along the rollers, and repeat the cycle until all of the rollers are completely clean.

If you insert and close the rear access door but your printer will not power on (or powers on briefly then immediately powers off), the dial on the back of the access door is not completely closed. The dial must be turned until the arrow points directly at the 'lock' symbol. You should hear a 'click' when it reaches the locked position.

I hope this is helpful!

Mark Hays

Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by Abbydel (11/14/13 5:09 PM) reply + / -
A few days ago I bought an HP Officejet Pro 8600 and have been having the same problem with feeding photo paper. The rollers would just spin and spin and then the message would say I was out of paper. Today quite by accident I discovered if you release the spring-loaded support located inside the paper tray at the top end (which I think is for loading smaller paper for individual photo prints)then the rollers will grab the full sized sheets of photo paper. It seems to work best with only one or two sheets at a time and you have to depress the support thing slightly to get the tray back into the printer. Debating whether to return the printer before my 14 days run out although I like that it is easier on ink than most other printers.

Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by tpb470 (3/25/14 2:39 PM) reply + / -
I am having the same paper feed problems with photo paper on three different HP printers. I think the problem is a change in manufacturing of the paper. The reverse (non-printing) side used to have a sort of 'grit' on it giving it a rougher surface than the printing side. That 'grit' is no longer there and is too smooth for the rollers to feed the paper properly. Then you only get part of an image printed. I really think the fault is with the PAPERS and NOT with the printers. The previous box of HP Premium Plus photo paper I had worked perfectly. When I bought a new package last week I noticed it did not have the roughness on the back I had seen before - and the problems began. How can I raise this issue with HP?

Re: HP 1220C Photo Paper Feed Problems by MarkHays (3/25/14 2:52 PM) reply + / -
Hello again! I dusted off my big HP 1220C again after another year in the closet. (Enclosed in a plastic bag to keep the dust off.) The same "won't feed" problem occurred again, and even the simple sponge technique would not solve it. It appears that the rollers age and develop a harder surface that will not grab and move the paper -- high quality HP photo paper or regular paper.

I did find a solution, however: a Scotchbrite pad -- the rougher green one that is sold in packs at Home Depot. Using the same 'print' function to spin the rollers, I carefully pressed the Scotchbrite pad against each one. The rollers were light gray, and the oxidized layer on top quickly came off; the color changed to a darker gray when they were clean. I had to repeat this process a number of times to clean each roller.

Voila! Paper feed problem solved.

I hope an engineer at HP reads this, and comes up with a new compound for the rollers that does not age like the current ones do.

I hope this is helpful.


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