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HP photosmart 145 printer

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HP photosmart 145 printer by Earl Nies (1/4/05 12:31 PM) reply + / -
My daughter purchased a HP photosmart 145 picture devolper for me. Modle SDGoA-0314 SN cn38J220GQ I Was able to print approx. 40 Pictues with it and now when I turn it on I cannot get the face to show anything but soldid 8"s or nothing how or what can be done to get it to say reading card and allow me to select what photos I want to print. I am still on my 1st ink cartriage.If this is not the correct place to contact please advise whom to contact. Thank you very much.

Re: HP photosmart 145 printer by Bert (1/4/05 2:08 PM) reply + / -
There should be a Tech Support number in your Users Manual.

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