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EPSON C43SX by hazel (11/10/04 4:04 PM) reply + / -
I lost my Epson Stylus C43SX Printer driver, please help me how to get free download installer..thanx

Re: EPSON C43SX by Denny Conway (11/10/04 4:23 PM) reply + / -
Hazel: As your printer model [C43SX] is not listed on the Epson USA or Epson UK web-sites, you can try loading the latest available Printer Drivers, directly from the EPSON Australia web-site, at . You should delete your old drivers first and then click-on that web-site and enter your printers model and your operating system. Then read the information and follow the prompts, to download the latest available drivers from that Epson web-site...If you happen to need help from the "Epson Australia Technical Support Department", please note that their web-site states that they are only able to respond to customers residing in Australia. If you are not residing in Australia, you can contact EPSON in your region, by going to the EPSON GLOBAL WEB-SITE, at ...Good Luck! Denny Conway

epsonstylus c43sx model software installer had lost. by satiram singh (12/7/04 2:10 AM) reply + / -
i have lost my epsonstylus c43sx model software cd for installation to my pc, i am from thane city (maharashtra) india, so how could i get my cd to install , plz reply me as soon as possible .........

Thank you yours faithfully
satiram singh..

Re: EPSON C43SX by Denny Conway (12/9/04 4:50 PM) reply + / -
Satiram: Simply read the posted reply to HAZEL, just above your posted message. That reply tells you where to go, to download the Printer Driver for your "C43SX" Printer...Good Luck! Denny Conway

Re: EPSON C43SX by Ivan Gottberg (11/8/05 1:27 PM) reply + / -
I lost the instalation disc; could you please send me the link to downloaded free. I have already tryed : But, it does not let me do it..
Thank you in advance

Re: EPSON C43SX by hpwizard (11/8/05 1:34 PM) reply + / -
Go to
click on "Support"
Then choose your printer from there.
Good Luck!
Dazz UK

Re: EPSON C43SX by Anonymous (12/2/05 7:49 AM) reply + / -
i have lost my epsonstylus c43sx model software cd for installation to my pc, i am malabon city, philippines, so how could i get my cd to install , plz reply me as soon as possible .........

thank you for your faithful

Re: EPSON C43SX by Anonymous (12/8/05 9:57 PM) reply + / -
Go to the epson website and download the drivers.

Re: EPSON C43SX by skywalker (1/22/06 5:23 PM) reply + / -
you try this site, all the driver you need is here. the registration is free

Re: EPSON C43SX by Anonymous (3/23/06 8:26 PM) reply + / -
My printer flashes red and yellow alternately, it does not print. What is possible solution?

Re: EPSON C43SX by amaro mantos (4/24/06 6:15 AM) reply + / -
I lost my Epson Stylus C43SX Printer installer, please help me how to get free download installer..thanx

Re: EPSON C43SX by Anonymous (4/24/06 10:23 AM) reply + / -
Go to the epson website and download the drivers. Does anybody bother to read these posts. The answer is 6 posts above this one.

Re: EPSON C43SX by zikry (6/20/06 11:54 AM) reply + / -
My printer flashes red and yellow alternately,does any one have a printer waste resetter software
thank you

Re: EPSON C43SX by Wes (6/20/06 1:05 PM) reply + / -
Do a google search for the ssc service utility.

Re: EPSON C43SX by zikry (7/19/06 9:51 AM) reply+1 + / -
Dear Wes, i already did google search and also did found the SSC software resetter, but it seemed that The SSC software does not work when the state of the printer is already full, i did however manage to found another software that works but i lost it since my computer experienced a crash before i had the chance to make a back up 4 it.n now i can't enter the site anymore cause it was a file sharing on a free hosting n the owner doesn't seem to extend his/her period anymore. the software were in ".rar" with a file name "C41-46" could u or anybody maybe already had this experience n, unlike me smart enough to have a backup for this software. i really thank u if somebody would be kind enough to give any information.thank u very much for your kind atention.

Re: EPSON C43SX by bethg (3/9/07 6:27 AM) reply + / -
c45 resetter

Then in your toolbar right click on the SSC Service Utility and select show main window . With your printer online to your PC, select from there your printer in both boxes that is in the main list and also installed printe.
Close the window right click again on the icon and select Protection Counter Show current value.
You will then see both the maximum count allowed and the count of your printer which at full will be very near to or just over that count.
Click ok to exit and then select Protection Counter again but this time Reset Counter Protection.
Click it to set to zero.
you will need to fix the promblem thought because in the end ink could come out

Re: EPSON C43SX by bethg (edited 3/27/07 8:59 AM) reply + / -
go on to select your printer and it should come up with a driver for your printer

Re: EPSON C43SX by tung (4/7/07 4:01 AM) reply + / -
hi could you pls help me my epson stylus C43SX can not print because ive lost the cd installer could you help me fix my printer.plits.

Re: EPSON C43SX by Wes (4/7/07 12:52 PM) reply + / -
Just go to the Epson website go to drivers page and download whatever you need.

epson stylus C45 by anonymous (4/18/07 2:06 AM) reply + / -
ive lost my printer epson stylus c45 installation cd and i need help in fixing my printer please!! can you please respond to this asap thank you!!

Re: EPSON C43SX by hpwizard (4/18/07 5:20 AM) reply + / -
Go to the link below if you have lost your disk! Look at quick links on the right of the page & click on driver downloads & follow the instructions.

Dazz UK

Re: Re: EPSON C43SX by Anonymous (4/18/07 6:29 AM) reply + / -
thank you sooo much for the free download!! i couldnt have found it myself. without your help i wouldnt have found any other help as good as this. once again, thank you!

Re: EPSON C43SX by Anonymous (5/21/07 3:56 AM) reply + / -
My printer don't work. The LED-s only blinking and I can't printing. The cartriges are new.
Pleas help my.

Re: Re: EPSON C43SX by Anonymous (5/22/07 12:44 AM) reply + / -
Problem: Red and Yellow leds blink alternately.
Try this: Disconnect from the internet whenever you are planning to print using your epson C43sx. The manufacturer has a way of tracking whether you are using non-genuine epson cartridges causing your printer to crash. Shut down your printer for a whole day or two and remove all the chords attached to the printer. Then attach all the chords again and put it on...observe the red and yellow leds whether they blink alternately. If not, your printer has been reset and will print again. Always disconnect from the internet when printing otherwise, the printer will crash again.

Re: Re: EPSON C43SX by Thoys (6/25/07 7:59 AM) reply + / -
red and yellow LED flashes..
try to download printer waste resetter... if does not work, unplug your printer cable to the printer port of your CPU then try to print a testpage manually.(turn off your printer then hold down the right botton, that's the red LED. then press the left botton that's the yellow LED to turn on your printer, just hold down the right botton until it print a test page.) if your printer does not print a test page and the red & yellow LED keeps on flashing. i think your printer has a mechanical problem. if that so, bring your printer to the repair center. its better if you bring it to epson repair center....


Re: EPSON C43SX by WaveGuide (8/4/07 2:17 PM) reply + / -
Anyone heard of Google? It's so clever, everyone should use it.
I just typed in 'Epson C43SX driver download' and in a flash I had dozens of links to what I needed! There's a driver for all the various versions of Windows and such, it's really amazing! This Google site is so brilliant! In fact I think I'll try it every time I have a query rather than asking other people to do it for me.

Re: EPSON C43SX by shintaro (11/8/07 12:57 AM) reply + / -
hi there

now this is quite revolutionary

the link denny conway placed on this thread to australia does not work

but if you type in the first portion

surprise surprise it comes up

and if you can READ and can follow th simlest of instructions you can get to the downloads page and select your needed drivers then download them

however I do hope you Naughty children will not download them if you are not in Australia or New Zealand see below

This software enables support for Epson PRINT Image Matching technology.
This software is for download by customers living in AUSTRALIA or NEW ZEALAND only. Please do not download this software if you reside in a different country or region, as licensing restrictions apply. We strongly advise that you uninstall any previous versions of PhotoQuicker, before installing this later version.

Re: Re: EPSON C45 by Anonymous (2/8/08 8:29 PM) reply + / -
Also, I need software for resetter of epson c45

Re: EPSON C43SX by shintaro (3/11/08 12:50 AM) reply + / -

here are the links

just read the instructions FIRST

Re: EPSON C43SX by shintaro (3/26/08 1:29 AM) reply + / -
hi there

the australian link refered to at the top by denny conway is where you WILL find the drivers for your Epson printers;

use this link

then support and downloads
then downloads and troubl shooting
then select inkjets
then select your model number
then continue to downloads
find your operating system
then click search
then click continue

and lo and behold you are there

Above all READ what is written

Re: EPSON C43SX by geejae (8/29/08 9:29 AM) reply + / -
Where i can download the waste ink Pad Resetter? Pls send me a link

Re: Re: EPSON C43SX by dark24 (9/1/08 4:01 AM) reply + / -

just choose the free user

Re: EPSON C43SX by flashy (12/3/10 8:37 PM) reply + / -
we have lost the cd printer disk can we download onto a disk to put it into laptop with out the internet

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