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Canon I550, flashing green orange

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Canon I550, flashing green orange by Ken (5/18/04 12:29 PM) reply+1 + / -
My Canon I550 has died, two months out of warranty. It flashes a sequence of four green/orange. I've tried all the usual stuff, including cleaning the printhead contacts, new ink cartridges, etc. Can anyone decode that light combination? Thanks.

Re: Canon I550, flashing green orange by Printx (5/18/04 4:12 PM) reply + / -
Start the status monitor on the host computer in order to display the error messages. It will give you a number such as (5c00). This will give us a better idea. But I think it is either a purge unit jam, which will need to have the purge unit removed and washed out with warm water, but you need to remove the motor and sensor in the purge unit FIRST. Otherwise it could be a main board error, which can be reset once we have the code number.

Re: Canon I550, flashing green orange by Ken (5/19/04 1:16 PM) reply + / -
Thanks for your help.
When I can persuade it to get as far as giving me an error message (rather than just "printer not responding") I get 5c00. Possibly relevant I was getting intermittant 5c00 for a couple of weeks before it went permanent.

Re: Canon I550, flashing green orange by Jim (7/10/04 10:53 AM) reply+2 + / -
I've got the same problem which began when the paper exit tray was closed during operation, and the print gave a great grinding noise. How does one get out the purge unit (and the motor and sensor in the purge unit)?


Re: Re: Canon I550, flashing green orange by Anonymous (6/2/06 11:29 PM) reply + / -
My status monitor does not have any error code. Where is the printer prge unit located on this type of printer?

Canon i70 by Anonymous (11/7/06 6:33 PM) reply+2 + / -
i got the same error code and that blinking things to my Canon i70 .... can anyone tell me where this purge unit is located??? and please i really need an answer..... that printer is from my cousin... and i just borrowed it to him...

Re: Canon I550, flashing green orange by gslanguay (4/1/09 6:02 AM) reply + / -
warning lights on my iP1500 is flashing rapidly orange/ green and I get no code on the status monitor. Printeris spooling is replaced by document failed to print bubble

Re: Canon I550, flashing green orange by Steve550 (5/7/09 2:01 AM) reply + / -
My i550 has suddenly ceased to respond.
I switch on and the Green Light flashes and then the Orange Light flashes intermittently. Not sure number of flashes of each.
Probably 4 Green / 4 Orange
Checked documentation from CD and tells me it requires a service call.
Is this fixable and economically so?
Can anyone help?
Or is it time to throw away and purchase another?
I have been pleased with Canon Printer but not sure I`d buy another.
Your help would be appreciated.

Re: Canon I550, flashing 7 orange lights by Anonymous (8/13/09 12:48 PM) reply + / -
my printer will turn on the light will be green then it will flash 7 orange lights and wont print, I have already cleaned out the print head so it is not that but i dont know what is wrong and its driving me crazy!!! please help

Re: Canon I550, flashing green orange by J D Bailey (6/16/10 1:34 PM) reply + / -
flashing 7 orange flashes

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