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Canon S750

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Canon S750 by Jose Rodriguez (2/14/04 6:57 AM) reply + / -
First of all thanks for having this great site it has been very helpfull to me and my co-workers.
This is my first time so I will try to explain.
I have a Canon S750, I changed the all cartridges at the same time, when I turn it back on I had a green-orange light turning on and off I looked on this great site and found that that could have been the "waste tanks reset" thinking that that maight have been the problem I followed the reset sequence for a "Canon BJC 6200" but I had no luck, not because the sequence but because now everything is off aligment i followed the aligment instruccion for the printer but it wont work , I also know that there is a sequence that I can reset the prnter head and maybe that could solve my problem, The question is can YOU HELP ME???? PLease...

Re: Canon S750 by Anonymous (2/19/04 9:25 PM) reply + / -
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